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19 Фев

Transnistrian Tour

Dear friends, we welcome you to our republic of Transnistria, we have a great many centuries of history, the capital of Transnistria is Tiraspol, it is an old beautiful city founded in 1790 by Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov.
We want to surprise you with our historical places such as Tiraspol from Tiraspol, we cross one of the most dangerous Dniester rivers and fall into the village of Kitskany, the oldest village obrozavanno 1367 the former Moldavian princedom in the village is located
The Holy Ascension Novo-Nyametsky Monastery is one of the most beautiful places in Transnistria, then we go to the city of Bender.It is the second largest city in Transnistria, on the territory of Bender there is an Asman fortress built by the Turks in 1538, next to the benders is a Bulgarian village (Parkans) beautiful with local traditions and customs.