Transnistria Tour

We offer tours in different cities and areas of Transnistria. Exciting and interesting excursions in Tiraspol and Bender, visiting historically and abandoned places, local attractions and much more.

19 Фев

Transnistrian Tour

Dear friends, we welcome you to our republic of Transnistria, we have a great many centuries of history, the capital of Transnistria is Tiraspol, it is an old beautiful city founded in 1790 by Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov. We want to surprise you...
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18 Фев

Soviet Tour

Dear guests of  Transnistria, the “Soviet tour” is an opportunity to plunge into the past and feel the authenticity of our region, our republic is one of the few in which time has stopped and we want to show it to you...
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Abandoned tour

In 1992, Transnistria became an independent country after 70 years, as part of the USSR. During the 199s, many military and industrial facilities were abandoned, and this marked the beginning of the urban planning epoch in Transnistria. Abandoned tour consists of visiting...
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